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Fandom Helpers are members of Fandom's International Volunteering Team (IVT). They are not a part of Language Brigade Wiki's team; however, they will help users with general questions in their language: user support, technical questions, and so on.

What Helpers do Edit

Things that Helpers do include:

  • Helping users of their language with technical and other questions
  • Managing the Community Central of their language (e.g. Comunidad Central or Centrum Społeczności)
  • Requests for adoption and interlanguage linking of wikis in their language
  • Spotlight requests in any language other than English
  • Translating Staff blogs that are useful for users of their language
  • Localizing Fandom for their language

WLB ≠ IVT Edit

The Wikia Language Brigade is not the International Volunteering Team. Whereas the WLB is an officious project, open and free for everyone to join, the IVT is not. Helpers are chosen by Fandom Staff and have a number of global rights, which can be found here. Being in the Wikia Language Brigade does not give you any additional rights.

What makes the WLB and the IVT so alike is that they have a similar goal: improving the international community of Fandom. Therefore, you may in some instances see our teams help each other – we will help wikis in languages that do not have Helpers, and Helpers may make some corrections on this wiki as well. Note, however, that this is not an official agreement and depends on the choice of the individual users.

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