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The rules below are the general rules of the Language Brigade Wiki. They apply over the entire wiki and, to the extent possible, to the Wikia Language Brigade as a whole.

General rules Edit

  • Stick to Wikia's Terms of Use
  • Keep swearing, cursing, suggestive and other vulgar language to the absolute minimum
  • Don't spam, don't caps, don't flood
  • Internationalization of pages
    • Content pages are internationalized with MediaWiki pages
    • Category and user pages are internationalized with tabber
    • Blog and forum pages are internationalized with tabview
    • See also: Add
  • Avoid creating pages without verifying if they are needed
  • Follow all other rules that apply to this wiki
  • When doing translations/corrections on another wiki, follow the rules of that wiki

You will only be banned for one of the following reasons Edit

  • Not following Wikia's ToU (age limit, user harassment, sockpuppetry, other)
  • Continued spam and vandalism
    • triple miss is a ban; you will usually be warned after the first and/or second time, so unless you make mistakes on short notice, you'll know
    • "triple miss" counter is reset after 30 days
  • Continued rude, violent, offensive or foul language after warning
  • Continued failure to abide other rules described in our policy (only when explicitly mentioned in the policy as a bannable offense)
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