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The Wikia International Discord server is a chat functionality created by and for Fandom users all over the world. It is not officially affiliated with Fandom or with the Wikia Language Brigade.

Access Edit

  • Click this invite link to enter our server:
  • You can use Discord in a browser tab; desktop programs and apps are also available.

Roles Edit


  • Staff: Fandom Staff members — verified through an official communication tool (Fandom or Slack)
  • Chanops: channel operators — consist mostly of Fandom Helpers + Ransom (who created Wikia Community server)
  • WLB: Wikia Language Brigadiers — users who are also members of this wiki
  • Members: Wikians — anyone who has a Fandom user account
    • To become a member, ask a chanop and provide them with a link to your Fandom user profile
    • If you're not comfortable sharing who you are on Fandom in public, you can do the above in private messages
  • Bots: not real people :(

Not colored:

  • QQX: any group with a language code are people who either speak that language, or who have asked to be added to that group; no extra rights, just for clarity
    • You can ask a chanop to add a certain language as your role, even if you do not speak it.
    • You can ask a chanop to remove a certain language from your roles, even if you speak it.
    • You can ping any users by e.g. @en or @ja, but don't overuse it!
  • Mute: group blocked from using #voice because they use it too much for non-voice chatter

Channels Edit

Text channels:

  • In #international, #dank and #voice, any language is allowed.
  • #international can be used for any general conversations.
  • #dank serves for testing and using bot commands or making memes.
  • #voice is only an aid for people who are connected to a voice channel (Alpha or Beta)
  • In language-specific channels, please only use that language.
    • You can ask @Yatalu#6467 to add a new language channel, if you speak that language fluently.

Voice channels:

  • Alpha and Beta can both be used for voice chat; after connecting, feel free to let #voice know which language your conversations will be in, so people can decide whether or not to join.
  • When you are inactive in a voice channel for a while, the server will automatically move you to AFK

Rules Edit

  • Be welcoming and respectful to everyone, noob or veteran, interested visitor or Fandom, green or orange alike
  • Keep strong language for yourself if it's not necessary (and "necessary" is defined by the chanops)
  • Move on from a topic if some people are uncomfortable with it
  • Avoid dominating a channel with 1 single topic for several hours
  • Do not bring drama or arguments from Fandom onto any of the channels
  • Be tolerant about other cultures and customs, and people from other nations or walks of life

Tl;dr behave and be nice!

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