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Welcome to the Language Brigade Wiki

The WLB or Wikia Language Brigade is a voluntary user project that works wikifarm-wide to help out with translations and improvement of the languages articles are written in. This wiki will be multilingual, and hopefully every page will be available in as many languages as possible. The wiki interface itself can be set to your language by going to Special:Preferences.


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Further information

Big-en EN | English translators
Translators to and from English. Level (babel) and availability are written behind the username.
U-Available available U-Neutral queue U-Busy busy U-Absent inactive
Babel-1 basic Babel-2 good Babel-3 advanced Babel-4 near-native Babel-5 professional Babel-N native



  • For both viewers and project members, this wiki is translated to as many languages as possible. If you see any page that isn't translated in a language you can add, be our guest and add the page.
  • We have around 300 members who, combined, speak more than 50 languages! Apart from writing this wiki's interface, they completed 209 translations and 39 corrections.
  • You can use the English portal to find correction or translation requests to/for English, to connect with other English users, and to divide the workload of requests.
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