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THIS BLOG IS TO BE UPDATED!!! Hi there! I am Dark Matter X, a Lifeline user. I created this blog to give a general explanation on how to react to attacks on Wikia by various vandals, trolls and cyberbullies.


To stop the vandal on a wiki, first contact the Founder, Bureaucrat or Admin to block him or her. If he is insulting others on chats, you should contact a Chat Moderator or Administrator to ban him. If the vandal continues to vandalise other wikis, contact a member of the VSTF group and ask to ban the user globally, or the Staff via Special:Contact.

Note: The Blocking can be for a limited time or infinitely, depending on the severity of vandalism...


The Troll is not a vandal, but a type of disturbance to other users. A user may be a troll if he:

  • Disturbs others in chat
  • Hides his presence but insults privately
  • Does not care about users' feelings
  • Is superficial in relationships
  • Is afraid of the Administration
  • Has an often introverted and quiet character
  • Is suspicious

Measures: To report a troll it must be done in private by Wikia Staff through Special:Contact or reported to an admin via private message. To keep trolls away, you must be indifferent!


You've never heard of cyberbullies on Wikia? They are those who create false accounts and pretend to be you. This user sometimes insults people for the fun of it! To notify others about this bully, contact Wikia Staff ASAP or share this problem with people you trust!


I hope you that you will follow my guide! :) To express your thoughts, comment on this blog post.

Bye and Happy Editing!

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